Typical day

The children arrive at the camp on Sunday at 2 pm. The check-in takes place immediately and the campers are assigned an Adidas – AC Milan Academy sport kit, so they can arrive properly fitted out at the field for their first afternoon training: in fact at 4 pm they leave the hotel to go to the soccer pitch. This training is mainly to introduce them to their coaches and give them their first instructions on the rules of the camp and the behavior expected of them.
On Friday evening, the last evening in camp, there is a party with parents where they can see the dvd realized during the week. Also the staff awards with cups and medals the players and the teams showing exception skills on the individual trail and group tournaments that take place in the afternoons from Monday to Friday.

Saturday morning the campers play friendly matches 11 vs 11 and, before lunch, the staff gives them the AC Milan certificate of attendance at the Milan Junior Camp; the camp ends at 1.30 pm after the lunch. Finally a special  award is given to the campers that have shown behavior at the hotel keeping the rooms tidy and showing respect for everybody: the prize for “the best room” is a soccer ball for each member of the room.

A typical program for the MJC includes two training sessions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each session is two hours long. The rest of the day is taken up by entertainment and recreational activities (TV room, group play, karaoke, minigolf, swimming when possible, etc.).

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A typical day, in short, would be:

  • 08.00: wake up
  • 08.30: breakfast
  • 09.30: field (technical training)
  • 11.30: shower and return to the house
  • 12.30: lunch
  • 13.30: free time for games, play, relaxation;
  • 15.30: field (training and games) or beach
  • 18.00: shower and return to the house
  • 19.30: supper
  • 20.30: evening entertainment (or at the field)
  • 22.30: lights out

The DAY CAMP formula will apply. In this case the camper does not stay overnight in the hotel, which is frequently the case of somebody residing in the town where the MJC is held. The camper arrives at the hotel every morning at 8.45 am. He then leaves for the soccer field with the rest of the group and returns to the hotel after showering after the second training held in the afternoon (6.30 pm) or evening (9.30 pm).


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